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SG Design

SG Design is the culmination of Steven Geys’ creative ideas. Steven is a visual designer with a great ability to listen and turn the ideas of his clients into their strongest visual representation. You could say he is a translator changing the vision of an entrepreneur or a company into a visual reality, creating a strong and striking brand identity that immediately communicates the value and power of the company and ideas it represents.
Steven’s creative power has already been recognised by some of the great people in the creative field, such as Easy Computing, for which he designed art- and photography books but also software packages as well as in the corporate world where he successfully lead design projects.
For larger projects, Steven has a wide network of passionate people with one goal, to create a visual, textual, auditory experience that puts yourself or your company in the world with a strong message, attracting customers on a conscious as well as subconscious level, where design and art come together.
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